Increasing the Employability of NEETs by tackling the skills gap for the Sports Sector

About the project

In the Mediterranean region, youth unemployment is twice as high as adult unemployment. In the Southern Mediterranean, young people are three times more likely to be out of a job than adults (International Labour Organisation, 2017). Contrarily, prominent sectors, like the sports industry, face challenges finding the right skills for their rising needs. Responding to this challenge, Skills4Sports aims to increase the employability of NEETs by tackling the skills gap in the sports sector. It will create new curricula in sports-related professions including both athletics-related ones (coaches, physicians, etc.) and business oriented ones (merchandising, marketing, administration, event management). This analysis based on skills gap will result in electronic tools (e-learning platform, mobile app and social-media app) addressed to youth and in a network “Strategic Alliance for Skills4Sports” dedicated to key sport stakeholders reducing the skills’ mismatch and offering new job opportunities to NEETS.

Key information

Increasing the Employability of NEETs by tackling the skills gap for the Sports Sector
A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
A.3.1 Professionalization of young people (NEETS) and women
Greece, Malta, Italy, Spain, Palestine, Lebanon

Financial data

2.9 million
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2.6 million
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Project outputs




To increase the employability of NEETS of the Mediterranean area in the sports sector, by developing new professionals, reducing the mismatch of skills and involving key stakeholders

What will be improved?

Skills4Sports will increase capacities of the NEETS to find better jobs with more than 200 job contracts expected thanks to the adjustment of skills’ mismatch between offer and demand. The transnational nature of the sport industry will contribute to pursue careers across borders, including international events, mobility of employees and multicultural working environments with the support of stakeholders involved in the Strategic Alliance for Skills4Sports.

Who will benefit?

  • 1,200 NEETs trained in professional skills for sport industry 
  • Training organisations 
  • 60 sports industry employers and stakeholders
  • Public authorities
  • NGOs and social organisations

Expected achievements

  • 9 new curricula for sports professionals
  • 3 electronic tools for e-learning and gamification
  • 240 training days for final beneficiaries
  • 1 Strategic Alliance for Skills4Sports

Contribution to policy-making

The involvement of institutional partners in the consortium, the access of all partners to political actors, as well as the planned involvement of key policy-makers in the Strategic Alliance for Skills4Sports, provides the project with the opportunity to influence relevant policies at several levels and in different regions. Through the involvement of key policy-makers, the project aims to start a wider discussion on skills development, NEETs characteristics and needs and niche industries, such as the sports industry, that can provide sustainable employment opportunities.


Project news

Skills4Sports event to highlight employment opportunities for youth in the sport sector

The opening conference, to take place in St. Pauls Bay, Malta on 3 December from 9 am to 2 pm, will also be livestreamed.


Project news

Skills4Sports in Greece asks key stakeholders in the sports sector about the gap skills of young people

TREK S.A. and the Development Agency of Evia have launched an online survey addressing key stakeholders about the acquired skills for the jo…


Project news

Skills4Sports in Greece asks young unemployed about their skills' needs for sports' jobs

The Greek partners of Skills4Sports,TREK S.A. and the Development Agency of Evia, have launched an online survey addressing NEETs in Greece …


Project news

Skills4Sports: What Palestinian stakeholders think about youth employment in the sports sector

Don’t miss the video trailer produced within Skills4Sports Press and Info Day at Ramallah, Palestine on June 30th, 2021.


Project news

A Hellenic Olympian shares her ideas during Skills4Sports Info Day in Evia

A great participation was achieved in the Infoday and the Press Day held at Chalkida, Evia in Greece, on Wednesday 21st of July, 2021, within the Skills4Sports project.


Project news

Skills4Sports: lack of mechanisms, policies and funds to tackle employment in the sport sector in Greece

The main stakeholders of Evia discussed the challenges of youth employment in the sport sector during the focus group organised by the Devel…


Project news

Skills4Sports: the Development Agency of Evia is hiring an external auditor

The deadline for the submission of offers is up to July 20th, 2021 at 14.00 Greek time (EET).


Project news

Launch of Skills4Sport in Palestine to create job opportunities for youth in the sport sector

Two important events were organized by Sports for Life (PS4L) at Ramallah, Palestine on the 29th of June, 2021, to present the Skills4Sports project funded by ENI CBC Med Prog…


Project news

Greece: Skills4Sports launches online survey for NEETs and key stakeholders in the sports industry

The survey aims at assessing employment opportunities and related professional skills for young people in the sports sector.