Increasing job opportunities in the sport sector: Skills4Sports opening conference in St. Paul's Bay, Malta

The Opening Conference of Skills4Sports project will be held in St. Paul's Bay, Malta on December 3rd, 2021 between 9.00 a.m. and 2.00.p.m. in Salini Resort, Salina Bay.

The Opening Conference that will be organised by Malta Football Association aims to communicate the Skills4Sports project idea, objectives and activities to the wider Mediterranean sports community, sports industry businesses and stakeholders, public authorities, training institutions, NGOs and social organisations, as well as to the young people, that will have the opportunity to attend the event physically or through livestreaming here.
At a glance, Skills4Sports project aims to increase the employability of the young people with difficulties accessing the labor market in the Mediterranean area. The purpose is to create new curricula in professions related to sports and business-oriented (merchandising, marketing, administration, event management). Based on the existing skills gap between jobseekers and companies’ requirements, an initial analysis will lead to e-tools (e-learning platform, mobile app, and social-media app) aimed at young people. The "Strategic Alliance for Skills4Sports" network will also be created, aimed at agents involved in the sports field. All this must ensure the reduction of the concordance of requirements and skills between supply and demand, and the creation of new opportunities for young people who are currently neither studying nor working.

The main topics of the conference are: the Skills4Sports presentation, the youth sport employment in the mediterranean area and the co-creation of the future for youth employment in sports sector in Malta.

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