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Discover the urban spaces created by CARISMED in its Fifth and last Newsletter

Several urban renovations have taken place thanks to CARISMED. Take a look on what's been done in the last issue, which recaps on the work done along more than 2 years of…

Project news

CLUSTER publishes its capitalization strategy on employment in the Mediterranean

The CLUSTER Project publishes its Capitalization Strategy document based on the best practices identified by its project partners.

Project news

RESMYLE in Tunisia - Protecting the forest from fires

12 participants were trained to fight forest fires and to valorise the forest in Rimel in Tunisia.

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RESMYLE trained 20 participants on Corporate Social Responsability

Last training on Corporate Social Responsibility was held by ISSTE for the ecoentrepreneurs of RESMYLE project!

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Supporting Eco-Entrepreneurship with RESMYLE: An Extract of Achievements

Through 6 ecoincubators, more than 200 young people were supported and 130 projects accompanied!

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RESMYLE: Eco-entrepreneurship revolution in five countries

RESMYLE, a real catalyst for 200 Lebanese, Tunisian, French, Jordanian and Italian young people towards the creation of 130 sustainable businesses.

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MedTOWN seeds keep on growing, but we say goodbye for now!

More than ever, co-production makes stronger & more resilient societies, more just & inclusive. Thank you for your commitment & support! See you at our Community of Practice.