INNOMED-UP combines circular economy and creativity to revitalize Mediterranean city centres

While Mediterranean city centres witness big changes, putting creativity at the heart of current challenges is what INNOMED-UP wanted to tackle to bring small shops and craft …

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PPI4MED in Italy promoted Public Procurement of Innovation

Beyond launching a living lab on public procurement of innovation and training relevant actors in the field, the presentation of a white paper to improve PPI procedures is one of the main outcomes of PPI4MED in…

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PPI4MED in Tunisia highlights its results on Public Procurement of Innovation

About 30 people were trained on Public Procurement of Innovation, 14 technologies analyzed, 2 spin-offs supported, 3 patents being processed, and 19 Memorandum of Understandin…

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PPI4MED’s capacitation programme concluded in Italy, Spain, Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia

During the capacitation training course the students learnt about the legal, technical and financial aspects of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI).

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TECHLOG's Trio of Transformative Training Videos in Mediterranean Transport

From 'Training of Trainers' to 'Truck Simulator Tutorial' and 'Crane Operator Tutorial,' witness the revolution in professional development for t…

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TECHLOG Wrapped Up: Celebrating 3 Years of Cooperation and Success

Farewell to 2023 and TECHLOG's incredible 3-year journey! Explore our journey in the Final Report—a tale of innovation and collaboration.

iHERITAGE project in Portugal: a tool to promote the Mediterranean diet and diversify tourism

Discover how iHERITAGE in Portugal promotes Mediterranean diet, listed on UNESCO intangible cultural heritage asset since 2013. Mediterranean diet is also a mean to attract vi…

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PPI4MED in Spain provides training on PPI to different innovation sectors

After a 36 hours long training programme that included two separate modules, one for buyers and another one for sellers of technology, four masterclasses, one case study, and …