Speeding up the MED SMEs' uptaking of eco-innovative solutions in energy and water management

About the project

The hotel industry in the Mediterranean is one of the most important worldwide and continues to register significant growth. This success with local/international tourist comes with several environmental drawbacks such as the substantial consumption of water and energy. With the aim of helping hotels to stay competitive and improve at the same time their capacity of eco-innovation, GREENinMED project proposes an integrated approach for the development of new products and services addressed to the efficient use of water and energy and reduction in consumption by 10% in the hotel industry. The project will develop eco-innovative products such a seawater air conditioning, water and energy-saving devices for spa, garden irrigation and industrial cold generation. To reach this ambition, consulting services focusing on the identification of the eco-innovative products and services on and their adaptation to actual needs/contexts will be delivered to selected hotels. Furthermore, the purchase of new equipment to improve research and testing capacities of SMEs and the creation of spin-offs will be facilitated through sub-grants.

Key information

Speeding up the MED SMEs' uptaking of eco-innovative solutions in energy and water management
A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation
A.2.2 SMEs access to research and innovation
Spain, France, Israel

Financial data

1.5 million
Total budget
1.4 million
EU contribution
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Project outputs



What will be improved?

GREENinMED will upgrade the eco-innovation capacities of Mediterranean SMEs in the hotel sector and create more dynamic innovation ecosystems, thanks to a cross-border learning process and dedicated financial support. By addressing the challenges of environmental sustainability in the hotel sector, GREENinMED project will reduce the negative footprint of the tourism industry and spread knowledge about efficient water and energy consumption solutions.

Who will benefit?

  • 150 SMEs of the hotel sector 
  • Accelerator technology centers, scientific parks, and universities
  • Startups and spin-off
  • Regional and national public authorities

Expected achievements

  • 1 strategy on eco-innovation for the Mediterranean hotel industry. 
  • 1 cross-border eco-Innovation support center
  • 8 sub-grants to purchase innovative products, services, equipment
  • 30 innovation vouchers 
  • 15 eco-innovative products and services designed specifically for the hotel industry
  • 5 spin-offs created out of the project

Project news

03 March 2020
Med hospitality industry: which innovative solutions for addressing energy and water management?

The workshop will take place in Salle du Forum, Technopole de l'Environnement Arbois-Mediterranee, Aix-en-Provance, France. The main issues which will be addressed will be- the needs of the hospitality industry in the water and energy sectors, and h…


Project news

19 January 2020
Improving the environmental performance of the hotel industry: GREENinMED project workshop in Tel Aviv

The goal of the workshop is to explore the needs of the hotel industry in reducing its environmental footprint in terms of water and energy consumption.


Project news

05 December 2019
GREENinMED project met with the Israel Hotel Association

On December 2, GREENinMED representatives met with the Israeli Hotel Association to discuss ways of cooperation between the project and the hotel industry.


Project news

20 November 2019
GREENinMED participates in WATEC conference and exhibition in Tel Aviv

On 19-20 November, the GREENinMED project particpated in the 8th World Water Technology and Environmental Control Conference and Exhibition (WATEC) in Tel Aviv. The event, which saw the participation of over 350 people, was a great opportunity to pro…