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Non Conventional WAter Re-use in Agriculture in MEditerranean countries

About the project

Water pressure has given rise in recent decades to a growing gap between supply and demand and to a deterioration in the quality of superficial and underground water sources in the Mediterranean region. Mediterranean countries are still torn between old and new water policies, and water shortage is not related only to increasing demand, but also to poor infrastructure and management practices. The joint challenges of MENAWARA project consist in providing additional resources by recycling drainage and wastewater, tapping water losses, rationalizing water use practices and setting operational governance models in line with national and international plans. The project is designed to enhance access to water through the treatment of wastewater to be re-used as complementary irrigation and to strengthen the capacity of governmental institutions, non-state actors operating in the sector, technicians, and farmers. 

Key information

Non Conventional WAter Re-use in Agriculture in MEditerranean countries
B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
B.4.1 Water efficiency
Italy, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Spain

Financial data

2.9 million
Total budget
2.6 million
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Project outputs



What will be improved?

In all intervention areas, the available hectares for agriculture use will increase and groundwater salinity will decrease, as well as the use of fertilizers. The project will reduce the stress on freshwater sources and will improve the quality of treated wastewater in agriculture. New jobs will be created by incrementing the surface of fertile land equipped with innovative water supply solutions. The project will also contribute to increased farmers’ acceptance of the use of treated wastewater, thus saving fertilizers and increasing profit. 

Who will benefit?

  • 45 farmer households using treated wastewater to irrigate olive trees, fodders and ornamental and fruit plants
  • 50 technicians from local institutions working in the fields related to the project activities 
  • 20 local and national authorities
  • 4,200 people living in the target areas with access to enhanced water quality 

Expected achievements

  • 6 wastewater treatment plants equipped with new low-cost pre and post-treatment systems to improve the quality of treated wastewater for agricultural purposes (Imhoff tank, permeable reactive barriers, sand filters, UV, chlorination, etc.)
  • 46.5 hectares of land irrigated with treated wastewater through modern, efficient systems (low-cost innovative sprinklers, subsurface drip irrigation)
  • 5 training sessions addressed to managers, technicians of local institutions, researchers and farmers
  • 6 recommendation papers to promote the use of treated wastewater in agriculture
  • 1 interactive web platform facilitating access to information related to best practices and legislation on non-conventional water management

Project news

University of Sassari is looking for an external auditor to support the MENAWARA project

University of Sassari - Desertification Research Centre, Italian lead beneficiary of the MENAWARA project, is looking for an external auditor for Expenditure and revenue Verif…


Project news

[MENAWARA] The EU Regulation on the reuse of water

MENAWARA welcomes the Regulation on the reuse of water approved by European Parliament. The Regulation defines the minimum requirements at European level for the first time for recovery water (i.e. urban waste …


Project news

15 June 2020
MENAWARA participates in the celebration of the 2020 Desertification and Drought Day

On Wednesday June 17 at 12 P.M., MENARAWA will participate in the webinar: "SDG-30 vs COVID-19: Opportunities from combating desertification".


Project news

30 April 2020
Water management: MENAWARA Steering Committee met online

MENAWARA Steering Committee met online to summarize past six months activities and to plan the new actions under the COVID-19 constraints.


Project news

16 March 2020
Against Coronavirus. But don't forget climate crisis

In Italy, the war against Coronavirus is very strong. A movie (free online until March 22) helps us not to forget the war against the climate crisis.


Project news

02 March 2020
MENAWARA: University of Sassari is looking for a Project Manager

The deadline for sending applications is 16th March 2020.


Project news

10 February 2020
[MENAWARA] Improving the use of water in agriculture: lots of ways, not just one

In Seville, researchers and technicians from Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, Spain and Italy exchanged experiences and best practices to reduce water insecurity.


Project news

09 December 2019
New connection: MENAWARA + MAYA

MENAWARA builds synergies with MAYA, an inter-university postgraduate Master on integrated water and agriculture management funded under the Erasmus+ Programme.


Project news

18 November 2019
1st MENAWARA press meeting in Italy

Press meeting held at the University of Sassari to announce the official start of the MENAWARA project.


Project news

15 November 2019
The MENAWARA project is hiring!

The University of Sassari is looking to hire a financial and administrative manager, as well as a communication manager.

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