STAND Up! and TEX-MED ALLIANCES join forces for sustainability in the textile and clothing sector


Last Thursday, November 5th, both projects TEX-MED ALLIANCES and STAND Up! joined forces in order to hold a webinar about Fostering Circular Textile & Fashion in the Mediterranean.

You can watch it again at the following link:

Download all the presentations:

1. Leonelli - TEX-MED ALLIANCES.pdf
2. Ibanez - STAND Up!.pdf
3. Cibrario - ENI CBC MED.pdf
4. Boiten - Ellen McArthur Foundation_compressed.pdf
5. Rulli - 4sustainability.pdf
6. Ulutas Isevi - BCSD Turkey.pdf
7. Berytech.pdf
8. Itani - FabricAID-compresso-1-12_compressed.pdf
8. Itani - FabricAID-compresso-13-25.pdf
9. Abouleish-Boes - SEKEM.pdf
10. Cipriani - Rifò.pdf


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