CLUSTER promotes social inclusion actions in the Mediterranean region by launching its Capitalisation Initiative


On 13 December 2022, the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), Lead Partner of CLUSTER, organised a meeting with the Consortium to officially launch the development of the Capitalisation Strategy of CLUSTER.

The aim of this Strategy is for Partners who are leading the main activities of CLUSTER, to identify and share the best practices and methodologies developed by CLUSTER so far. These best practices will also explore their potential for transfer and replicability by other ENI CBC Med-funded projects, in particular those developed under A.1.1 and A.3.1 priorities.

The Partners will focus on CLUSTER's best practices identified, namely when it comes to:
(i) the new model of intervention related to fostering marketable skills among NEETs, in particular women (including trainings, e-platform, coaching sessions);

(ii) the trainee-oriented, TVET-oriented and private sector-oriented catalogues;

(iii) the regional and cross-border action plans to foster inclusive employment schemes with policy recommendations.

The ultimate aim of this Strategy is to create synergies with other similar initiatives in the Mediterranean region, by increasing resource efficiency, ensure outreach and long-term impact of CLUSTER project's results. With such joint efforts, CLUSTER will boost Social Inclusion in the region.

Finally, this exercise was co-designed by the IEMed and Oceanogami. Thanks to its vast experience in Sustainable Economy in the Mediterranean and expertise in Social Inclusion projects, Oceanogami will work closely with the Consortium throughout the remaining period of CLUSTER. This will ensure the development of an impactful and relevant strategy that will boost employment processes of young NEETs and women, while improving their position in society.

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