Zero Waste Strategies in the Mediterranean, from theory to practice: discover the first MED-InA project Newsletter!

Photo: Consorci de la Ribera

Zero waste strategies in the Mediterranean, from theory to practice: this is what MED-InA's first year of implementation was about.

Starting with 2 Zero Waste Workshops (February and November 2020), during which partners, experts and pioneer cities started designing local zero waste strategies using theoretical knowledge and experience exchange, the MED-InA project then produced a Zero Waste Guidebook, a handy decision-making support tool for cities, listing 10 questions to identify their specific needs, and steps to get started with Zero Waste!
Meanwhile, project partners (E3D Environnement and AVITEM in France, Jordan University of Science and Technology and Greater Irbid Municipality in Jordan, AUB in Lebanon, Consorci de la Ribera in Spain and the municipality of La Marsa in Tunisia) took the preparatory steps before ground experiments on how to kickstart a zero waste strategy at local level:
- the 3 pilot cities (Irbid - Jordan, Carcaixent - Spain and La Marsa - Tunisia) were trained on the pioneering eco-citizenship methodology called GD6D, which helps providing personalised support to enable citizens to become actors of change.
- this methodology enabled the 3 pilot cities to launch citizen engagement to foster behavioural change, in line with municipal plans to reduce waste production.
- monitoring tools were set up to help pilot cities evaluate their progress and readjust or readapt their strategy if necessary,
- a tender was set up to select and work with incubators in the 3 pilot countries, to involve the private sector and its local innovation potential in Zero Waste efforts.

Learn more about these actions and what's next for MED-InA project, in the annual Newsletter available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish !