U-SOLVE in Palestine fosters university-companies debates to improve youth employment


 Bethlehem - Within the framework of U-SOLVE project, Palestine Ahliya University formed a focus group on Tuesday, 6th July 2021 as part of its Career Day activities. Tens of academics and local private sector employers met to discuss the relationship between the university and the private sector and the challenge of creating job opportunities for graduates.

The discussion, moderated by the project’s manager, Mr. Khaled Shanaa, highlighted the importance of training, innovation and entrepreneurship as ways to create more jobs and work towards sustainable development.

This focus group aimed at exchanging experience and knowledge between the university and the private sector to co-design approaches that will help create more jobs for young people, train and prepare them with skills needed in the labour market, support their innovative ideas and build sustainable business urban ecosystems under U-SOLVE project.

Palestine Ahliya University is one of the partners of U-SOLVE. Like all partners, the university will implement the project through community engagement, and by helping to establish and strengthen local ecosystems, supporting young and women entrepreneurs in Palestinian urban areas, in addition to promoting the new approach in urban development strategies.