U-SOLVE Information Day Webinar explores adequate Sustainable Development Goals for Palestine

Palestine Ahliya University & Bethlehem Municipality

In partnership with Bethlehem Municipality, Palestine Ahliya University held an Information Day Webinar to introduce U-SOLVE, its objectives, and its coming activities to Palestinian Municipalities and local and international organizations.

The webinar aimed to introduce the project and its partners in Palestine to the organizations, in addition to collecting preliminary information that will assist in the future planning of the project. Attendees from local and international organizations shared their advice and guidance in creating pioneering ideas to solve problems in urban areas.

The event organizers stressed the integrative role of organizations and municipalities in the success of the project in its next phase in terms of reaching entrepreneurs, providing services to them, and disseminating the project's activities to the widest possible sectors.

The Webinar included an open discussion on several aspects; including discussing the most appropriate sustainable development goals for the Palestinian context, as well as the roles that business incubators and community-based organizations should play in supporting startups serving sustainable urban development. Furthermore, the discussion highlighted the industries and economic fields that need more attention to help develop local startups.

It is noteworthy that the U-SOLVE project is funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC MED Programme and is implemented in 6 countries; Italy, Palestine, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, and Jordan. The project aims to promote and support women and young entrepreneurs in urban areas with a focus on the environment and sustainable development.