TECHLOG: Empowering Mediterranean Port and Logistic Companies through Enhanced Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing


Introducing TECHLOG LIVING LAB: Revolutionizing Logistics in the Mediterranean

In the fast-paced world of port and logistics companies, collaboration and shared knowledge are the keys to success. That's where TECHLOG LIVING LAB comes in—a groundbreaking platform designed exclusively for Mediterranean-based enterprises in the industry. By facilitating seamless information exchange and fostering collaboration, TECHLOG LIVING LAB empowers these companies to enhance their efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

The ultimate goal of this innovative project is to tackle the unique challenges faced by port and logistics enterprises in the Mediterranean region. By promoting collaboration and shared knowledge, TECHLOG LIVING LAB creates a vibrant logistics network that transcends geographical boundaries.

Accessible at, this platform serves as the central hub for the TECHLOG project, supporting a range of activities aimed at revolutionizing the logistics services of participating companies.

The platform is divided into two main areas: a public area accessible to all via the Internet and a reserved area exclusively for registered users.

The public area offers a wealth of information, including institutional logos, the project's genesis and purpose, detailed platform tools, partner information, categorized news updates, downloadable public documents, a project information request form, staff details, contacts, and a multilingual search form.

Within the private area, registered users gain access to the collaboration functions that form the heart of the platform. To enter this exclusive zone, users must independently register and receive approval from the coordinator.

Once inside, users can harness a range of powerful tools designed to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing:

  1. Info request form "Contact an expert": Connect with industry specialists to get answers to specific questions.
  2. Simulator sharing tool: Share simulators to enhance training and skills development.
  3. Shared virtual rooms: Collaborate with team members in virtual spaces, breaking down geographical barriers.
  4. Messaging tool: Easily communicate with other users based on categories, companies, senders, recipients, and subjects. Messages can be copied or notified via email.
  5. Offline and online technological training area: Access comprehensive training resources to stay ahead of the curve.

and many more...

TECHLOG LIVING LAB empowers port and logistics companies by facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and expertise exchange across different countries. This dynamic platform strengthens logistics services and sets training standards for port and transport operators in the Mediterranean region.

Furthermore, administrators benefit from a robust back office that streamlines operations. The back office includes essential features like user management, content management, and data analysis, ensuring seamless and effective platform functioning.

In essence, the TECHLOG LIVING LAB platform represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the logistics services of port and transport companies in the Mediterranean region. By leveraging this cutting-edge platform, businesses can unlock unparalleled growth opportunities and gain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving realm of port and logistics operations.