STAND Up!: DeleiteWear, winner of the eco-innovative challenge to solve HORECA’s textile waste in Spain.


In recent period Elis, an international multi-service provider, has launched a challenge on The Switchers Open Eco-Innovation platform looking for an answer to HORECA’s textile waste able to empower local communities, to neutralise the carbon footprint and fight the gender gap.

DeleiteWear has been selected as the start-up that provided the best solution to be implemented, which is to help the tourism industry to reduce its climate impact by recycling its textile waste into new sustainable products for its own use, such as uniforms for staff or merchandising for customers.

The Spanish venture is first company worldwide to offer the HORECA (Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café) and tourism sector the revalorisation of their textile waste, converting it in new impactful products which can be used again developing a complete circular economy solution based on a triple bottom line business model.

As a triple bottom line enterprise, having a positive environmental impact is a driver for the start-up, DeleiteWear's model indeed, is able to save a great amount of natural resources compared with conventional textile supply chains.

In addition, raising awareness for climate action is one of the primary objectives pursued through the creation of communication campaigns together with customers who are proud to share their efforts of ecological transition.

Already validated in the market with a minimum viable product and the operations behind it, the proposed innovation hinges on textile upcycling technology that did not entail high costs at the outset but however requires further new funding to deliver economic, social and environmental positive impact at a bigger scale.

Within the STAND Up! eco-innovation voucher scheme, the winning start-up will be awarded with a voucher set worth 20,000€, to develop the submitted proposal in cooperation with the company that launched the challenge and to implement the next services and actions necessary to achieve the planned goals.