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Sustainable Textile Action for Networking and Development of circular economy business ventures in the Mediterranean.

About the project

There is a pressing need for transition to an environmentally and socially responsible circular model in the textile sector, a traditional key industry in the Mediterranean with an undoubtful cross-border nature. The very word “textile” seems Mediterranean like: clothes cross the sea basin from textile manufacturing to clothing production and from consumption to re-use and recycle. The solution to accelerate this transition is innovative entrepreneurship, which, in addition to its positive environmental benefits, will generate employment in the region. This transformation is the underlying idea behind STAND UP! which intends to support textile entrepreneurs and eco-innovative ventures in 5 countries and help them seize the business opportunities that the green evolution will generate. To achieve this ambitious goal, the project will undertake many actions in training, financial grants, market stimulation, technology transfer, IPR protection, etc. As a result, the SMEs of the textile and clothing sector will be more competitive and, at aggregate level, the value chain will be strengthened, and new Mediterranean cross-border linkages established.

Key information

Sustainable Textile Action for Networking and Development of circular economy business ventures in the Mediterranean.
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.1 Start-ups and recently established enterprises
Spain, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy

Financial data

3.7 million
Total budget
3.3 million
EU contribution
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Project outputs




To enhance scalable, replicable and inclusive circular economy ventures in the Mediterranean by developing an ecosystem of business support, innovation, and technology transfer that will lead to sustainable job creation for youth and women

What will be improved?

STAND Up! will lead to an increase in the income of existing green SMEs as well as to the creation of new sustainable textile enterprises. This will generate a natural demand for new jobs that will be met by high skilled people. Concretely, 400 ideation-stage ventures will be supported to help them generate employment opportunities and 20 early and growth stage ventures will be assisted in maintaining stable employment and create, at least, two new direct jobs each. Besides this direct and indirect impact, the stimulation of innovation and sector aggregation will minimize negative environmental impact along the garment lifecycle and facilitate the region's transition towards sustainable consumption and production in the textile and clothing industry. All in all, the project will mark a significant step change in each region's ability to harness the power of eco-innovation and entrepreneurship in the textile (Italy and Spain) and clothing (Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt) sectors.

Who will benefit?

  • Eco-innovative textile and clothing entrepreneurs and enterprises
  • Sector aggregators
  • Local authorities
  • Academic and research institutions
  • Local, national and regional public sector organizations
  • Relevant intellectual property agencies

Expected achievements

  • 400 ideation stage entrepreneurs trained (at least 50% women and young people)
  • Soft-landing voucher scheme of up to €9,000 granted to 50 early and growth stage entrepreneurs
  • 1 online Open Innovation platform developed
  • Eco-innovation voucher scheme granted to 20 entrepreneurs to fund technology, product and service innovations
  • 3 national policy papers on sustainable textile and clothing national roadmaps drafted
  • Prizes worth €50,000 awarded for solutions to textile manufacturing and clothing industry
  • 70 practitioners and policy-makers engaged in a Virtual Community of Practice for Intellectual Property
  • Trademark and patenting vouchers scheme granted to 40 ventures 


Contribution to policy-making

Policy-making is very much integrated in STAND Up! thanks to a dedicated set of activities. From one side, the project will work with stakeholders to develop national policy recommendations and sustainable textile and clothing roadmaps for Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia, and, from the other side, it will work with public authorities and intellectual property agencies to facilitate improved IPR to ventures. The commitment of decision-makers to use the project's strategic roadmaps and keep on improving IPR will maintain the shift towards a thriving green startup ecosystem, and better skilled to transition the textile and clothing sectors to an inclusive circular economy.


Project news, an innovative and free tool to boost sustainable entrepreneurship for STANDUp!’s start-ups

The digital platform enables interactions among the key players of the green and circular business ecosystem.


Project news

STAND Up!: Tunisian partner CITET has launched a call for tenders looking for external auditor

The Tunis International Center for Environmental Technologies is looking an external audit service within the framework of the implementatio…


Project news

Tunisia: STAND Up! opens a call for trainers to support textile entrepreneurs

The Tunis International Center for Environmental Technologies is looking for experts in green entrepreneurship to support 40 entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.


Project news

STAND Up! launches an online event for trainers specialised on sustainable business model development

The training for trainers will be held in four different sessions during the month of April following SCP/RAC’s methodology.


Project news

Italy: call for tenders under the STAND Up! project

Italian partner Prato Textile Museum Foundation has opened a call to select an external expert to deliver high-level training for textile and clothing green entrepreneurs.


Project news

STAND Up!: Buy and sell your clothes from home in Tunisia is an app that offers a door-to-door delivery system with a powerful community-driven by the same passion for fashion and sustainability.


Project news

Lebanon: call for tenders under the STAND Up! project

Lebanese partner Berytech is looking for independent trainers or training agencies to deliver a green training program for entrepreneurs in the textile and fashion industry.


Project news

STAND Up!: deadline for applications on circular fashion and textile entrepreneurship extended!

All five partner countries have agreed on extending the deadline for the #STANDUpAccelerator call until March the 31st.


Project news

STAND Up!: Now available the complete video of the #STANDUpAccelerator webinar!

Find all the presentations delivered during the web conference and direct link to see the whole online event held on March the 4th.


Project news

STAND Up!: new web conference to focus on offered support services to circular businesses

A streamed online event illustrating the opportunities provided by the “Call for green entrepreneurs” and showcasing successful circular business ventures and trends will take…


Project news

STAND Up!: call for innovators to access eco-innovative business projects support program

The beneficiaries will access the first stage of advanced business support program to grow their sustainable ideas into a textile or fashion green business models.