STAND Up!: Clipclappers, a brand of interactive and sustainable clothing for children



“Clipclappers is the result of a project vision involving industrial design together with a passion for quality fabrics and colours, all with the lowest possible impact on the environment” said Lia Pantzer, the young founder of this project. The start-up is the first brand of sustainable and customizable childrenswear, for children aged 3 to 6 years, which combines ethics, fashion and play in a single product.

The background of Lia Pantzer lies in the world of design. She studied industrial design at the ISIA Design Firenze, textile design at PIN (Polo Universitario Città di Prato) and Sustainable Fashion at Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts in London. “When I came across STAND Up! and the interesting opportunities offered to start-ups like the one she was designing, it was almost like a perfect fit at the right time”, she recognised.

As one of the 4 fashion and textile green ventures selected in Italy by the Prato Textile Museum, Clipclappers is joining the early stage incubation phase setting the best possible objectives and approach to the market. “Clipclappers puts itself in the middle of two market sectors that have so far been distinct, namely fashion and games” claims the designer. Under this initiative, the female entrepreneur proposes interactive and customizable garments with a sustainable approach. The values that Clipclappers wish to communicate are the freedom of expression of children and the freedom to be children by pushing the exchange between them. “This means playing with the interchangeability of accessories which facilitates social interactions”, explains Lia Pantzer.

The start-up’s production process finds its own sustainable revolution on the choice of materials, the ethical use of clothes, the durability and the creativity of their products. In this sense, Lia is trying to enhance and make the most through the tutoring and services provided by STAND Up! in the incubation phase. “It’s allowing me to realise my idea and test the market”, says Lia in reference to our project. “It allows me to analyse and balance my next steps being supported by high-profile professionals who guide me towards reasoned decisions”, she adds.

It’s true that the entrepreneurship world has very intense timescales and, together with the relentless digitalisation, it’s difficult to image how a starting business can maintain its own rhythm. ClipClappers is in its final stage for the development of its final product, aiming to register the utility model in order to protect the originality of its collection design. As this will be done, this start-up plans to debut on the market in the coming months with a structured communication and marketing vision.

With these goals in mind, the young female entrepreneur is maximising the tools available under the programme “I'm still in a structuring phase of my sustainable business model, halfway through the process, so I don't feel like talking about results yet. I prefer to talk about steps, and from the first to the last I’m taking, they are being satisfied thanks to STAND Up!” says Lia.