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RESTART MED! project organises 2nd Sustainable Tourism Summit in Tunisia

The vast international scientific community acknowledges that human activities, particularly the production of greenhouse gases and deforestation, contribute significantly to climate change. This leads to various adverse effects such as rising sea levels, forest fires, extreme weather events, coral bleaching, and water scarcity, which have significant impacts on ecotourism services. Climate change, coupled with the negative impacts of mass tourism on natural resources, poses challenges for the ecotourism industry.

To address these challenges, RESTART MED! is organising on June 5th and 6th, 2023 our 2nd Sustianable Tourism Summit in Tunis (Royal Absu Hotel - R5RX+MP, Tunis, Tunisia).

The summit will focus on the importance of ecotourism activities, particularly hiking/trekking and accommodation services, in the Mediterranean region. It will address the effects of climate change on sustainable tourism, foster networking and collaboration among stakeholders, capitalize on best practices, and showcase the MED Sustainable Tourism platform created under the Restart MED project. The expected outcomes of the summit include a reference note on Mediterranean strategies and best practices for managing sustainable tourism destinations, as well as the establishment of a network of sustainable tourism actors, with a specific focus on ecotourism.

The summit will be organized by WWF North Africa in collaboration with the RESTART MED partnership.

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RESTART MED! – REvitalization of Sustainable Tourism Across Regions in The MEDiterranean – is a €1.1 M project co-funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC MED Programme and it is implemented by 6 partners in Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia. The project is led by the Italian NGO CISP – International Committee for the Development of Peoples – together with the partners behind the standard projects CROSSDEVMed GAIMSMed Pearls, and Medusa.

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