RESMYLE in Jordan: Let your business idea take shape with all the support and guidance you need at our Green Construction Innovation Lab


Do you have great idea for a business venture related to green construction but aren’t sure what steps to take to transform your vision into reality? The RESMYLE Green Construction Innovation Lab is looking for young entrepreneurs aged 18-29 to provide all the technical and personal support and guidance you need.

The Green Construction Innovation Lab (GCIL) is an eco-incubator developed in collaboration with the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) to provide support for NEETS to develop their green construction business ideas. The goal of GCIl is to support the development of sustainable solutions developed by young people to address the challenges facing the construction industry in Jordan.

Successful applicants will receive technical support, business training, and access to shared workspaces, incubation offices and experimentation labs.

To apply please complete the application form:


For any questions about GCIL, please contact Dr. Ahmad Freewan [] or Dr. Nermeen Dalgamoni []