RESMYLE invites you to discover its online exhibition on “Saving the Mediterranean”


The Mediterranean, which is a virtually closed sea, is sick. The ills from which it suffers are largely due to human activities. These ills are beach erosion, pollution, overpopulation, loss of biological diversity, urbanisation, uncontrolled occupation of beaches, overconsumption of natural resources, degradation of the water table, decline of fishing and small-scale agriculture...

We believe that informing and raising the awareness of all sea users (yachtsmen, fishermen, tourists, diving clubs, etc.), public opinion, decision-makers and especially young people is undoubtedly an essential element for the protection of the Mediterranean marine environment and the sustainability of its ecosystems.

Therefore, and within the framework of the RESMYLE project - Rethinking employment and social integration of young Mediterranean people through sustainable development - financed by the ENI CBC MED Programme of the European Union, the Association of Environmental Education of Hammamet (A.E.R.E.), partner of the project, has designed and produced a virtual exhibition entitled "Save the Mediterranean". This work targets mainly young NEETs, i.e. young people between 18 and 29 years old who are neither in employment, nor in school, nor in training. It should enable them to discover and understand the richness and fragility of the Mediterranean marine environment on the one hand, but also to grasp the opportunities offered by the blue economy in terms of employment on the other.

The exhibition is designed as an educational resource, a real educational tool to raise awareness of the challenges of safeguarding the Mediterranean marine ecosystem, this rich and fragile common heritage. The tool is simple, dynamic, animated and offers young people opportunities for interactivity. It includes 10 illustrated panels on different themes related to the Mediterranean environment, quizzes, texts in Arabic, French and English. The visit follows a defined direction and the passage from one theme to another requires answering a simple question.

The exhibition is available HERE

Enjoy your visit!