Participation of ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM in the Greek Agrofood Cluster


INNOPOLIS, the Greek partner of the ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project, has applied for membership in the biggest Agrofood Cluster of organic and non-organic agricultural products in the Region of Western Greece. The Agrofood Cluster has as its main objective the promotion of agri-food products produced in the Region of Western Greece, to national and international markets as well as the provision of services for the establishment of the Regional Business Development Plan of the Agricultural and Agri-food sector

It will also strengthen the local supply chain by providing technical and consulting support to the employees in the primary and manufacturing sector and by taking initiatives that will help increase the demand for local products. The objective of the cluster is achieved by the following means:

  • Providing consultancy to improve the commercial and nutritional value.
  • Concluding agreements for the provision of services to its members or other collective bodies or individual companies, or individual farmers regarding the ways of promotion and distribution and improvement of the quality of their products.
  • Planning and organizing promotion and information actions of stakeholders (such as conferences, seminars, lectures, etc.) for the advantages of the agri-food products of the Region.


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