ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: MSMEs in Jordan are being trained to develop their business plan in the organic agriculture sector


From 7-11 November 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture in Jordan, Lead Beneficiary of the ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project, has launched the second training workshop, which is considered the second phase of the innovative projects, with the four selected projects from the first training.

This activity was undertaken with the participation of Jordan Exporters & Producers Association for Fruit & Vegetables (JEPA), within the activities foreseen in the project, which is designed to provide participants with tools and methods aimed to assist them in developing their professional business plan.

Among the four selected innovative projects, two of them were represented by women. The projects' activities include vegetables processing, production of forages and herbs, as well as the production of coffee from date cores  under the regulations of organic production, and the creation of a platform for the marketing of organic products.

The training workshop was very informative and well received by the participants since it covered many topics in creating a professional business planAt the moment, all participants are in the development stage of their business plans, and the results obtained in the first and second workshops will be discussed in the cross border meeting next December with other partners. 


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