A newsletter to tell the social inclusion actions carried out by HELIOS project in the Mediterranean area: May/June edition


The HELIOS’ newsletter aims to disseminate the main news of the project and its achieved results through social inclusion actions in the Mediterranean area.

This newsletter is meant to sum up the most important goal reached by the HELIOS Partnership, collecting the most relevant news of the last months.

It is split out in two part:

-the first one it’s dedicated to HELIOS activities in the Mediterranean Countries involved. In this part it’s possible log into the major news about the project published in the ENI CBC MED website.

-the second part gathers the news from the other ENI CBC MED projects under the same sub-priorities of HELIOS, or rather “A.3.1. Professionalization of young people and women”. Here you can find out the last news from RESMYLE and InnovAgroWoMed projects.

This newsletter is born from the idea that communication tools are a strong way to create a Euro-Med community of good practices on social inclusion in the Mediterranean region

In fact, increasing the awareness of people, media, entrepreneurs and policy makers about the possible solutions to ensure the social inclusion of young people and women, is fundamental to develop new common growth opportunities. 

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Unity is strength, #GOMED

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