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Repenser emploi et insertion sociale des jeunes méditerranéens à travers le développement durable

About the project

The RESMYLE project is based on two findings:  firstly, the difficulties of professional integration of young people in the Mediterranean, in particular for NEETS, are increasing. Secondly, the challenges of environmental protection in the Mediterranean create many new needs in the Mediterranean territories that are largely unfulfilled at the present time, particularly in the lack of skills in some fields: waste sorting, eco-mobility, risk prevention, etc. To respond to this double challenge, RESMYLE mobilizes 9 Mediterranean operators (cooperatives, associations, universities) in 5 countries (France, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia) around 3 complementary areas of intervention: the inclusion of sustainable development topics in the support actions carried out by the organizations (associations, social centers working on integration of NEETS in the Mediterranean); the testing of a set of hands-on field trainings for young people focusing on sustainable development and based on mobility, intercultural exchanges and real environmental issues; the creation of a Mediterranean network of eco-incubators of youth-led activities based on a common method and shared tutoring/trainings.

Key information

Repenser emploi et insertion sociale des jeunes méditerranéens à travers le développement durable
A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
A.3.1 Professionalization of young people (NEETS) and women
France, Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan

Financial data

2.1 million
Total budget
1.9 million
EU contribution
Project co-financing


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Project outputs



What will be improved?

The project aims to create 300 direct jobs for young people, thanks to the socio-economic viability of the 60 incubator projects and the improved employability of participants in the "Mediterranean Practical School for Sustainable Development" and related international mobility programme. It will also improve the educational practices of organizations working on youth integration through “train-the-trainers´” tools and the outcomes of the 12 pilot projects involving about 500 young people on environmental issues with social value. Moreover, the creation of 6 eco-incubators will allow young people to develop and test their project activities in a safe environment, enhancing the spirit of initiative and self-employment of people who lack trust and confidence. 

Who will benefit?

  • 700 NEETS
  • 300 young graduates looking for a job in the environment and sustainable development sector
  • 100 social and educational agents, social educators in charge of NEETs integration 
  • 25 Mediterranean communities and local NGOs involved in environmental challenges

Expected achievements

  • 300 jobs opportunities created 
  • 1 online platform for social educators with training tools on environment and sustainable development skills 
  • 12 educational projects on eco-innovation 
  • 16 training workshops through the establishment of the "Mediterranean Practical School for Sustainable Development"
  • 24 NEETS involved in cross-border mobility actions in Mediterranean NGOs
  • 6 incubators for young Mediterranean eco-entrepreneurs 
  • 18 projects on environment issues with social value financially supported and implemented
  • 6 agreements between the eco-incubators and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions  

Project news

14 May 2020
Extension of technical assistance call for tenders - RESMYLE

The call for tenders for the technical assistance of the RESMYLE project for the coordination and administrative and financial management of the project is extended until May 29, 2020.


Project news

07 May 2020
RESMYLE project is looking for an external auditor

The deadline for the submission of offers is 15 of May 2020.


Project news

06 April 2020
RESMYLE: inventory of educational resources on environment and sustainable development

The aim is to provide educators with playful and cheap resources to facilitate environmental awareness activities among NEETs. 


Project news

05 February 2020
Start of the RESMYLE project!

Content only available in French. La réunion de lancement du projet RESMYLE sera accueillie au Conseil de Région Sud, à Marseille, jeudi 6 février et vendredi 7 février. Une vingtaine de participants représentants toutes les organisations partenaire…

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