MYSEA and PPI4MED in Jordan explore ways to collaborate on providing training in the agri-food and waste management sector


On January 18, 2023, Prof. Fahmi Abu Al-Rub from the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), project partner of MYSEA - Mediterranean Youth, NEETs, and women advancing Skills, Employment, and Awareness in the blue and green economy signed a collaboration agreement with Eng. Maha Alaqraa, Director of International Cooperation at the Jordan National Center for Research and Development and coordinator for the project PPI4MED - Technological transfer and commercialization of public research results through PPI in the Mediterranean region.

Agreements on the same points were signed, also in Jordan, with EMPHASIS and U-SOLVE, both projects funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC Med programme.

This Memorandum of Understandings aims at establishing a strong liaison between the two EU-funded projects, in terms of bilaterally implementing the agreed actions. The scope is to create a collaborative effort within the projects for providing specialized training in agricultural waste treatment, as well as for communication events.

In particular, the collaboration agreement is finalized at the exchange of information that contributes to the improvement, dissemination, and continuation of the project's results (e.g., research, scientific studies, etc.). In addition, the partnership is aimed at disseminating relevant news of projects’ on websites, newsletters and Social Media Platforms; at inviting suitable representatives to participate in technical seminars; at organizing joint events (conferences, round tables, symposia on common themes) to weave strategic relationships for the success of projects. Capitalization and valorization of joint knowledge are geared toward combining the boost to Innovation offered by PPI4MED with opportunities in the emerging Green & Blue Economy sectors, which are at the heart of MYSEA's scope of work.
MYSEA agrees to make relevant data available to this partnership regarding the impact on project beneficiaries, as well as information on the companies, nongovernmental organizations, and vocational training institutions involved in project activities, and PPI4MED also agrees to reciprocate for the benefit of both projects. This information exchange will include the results of the pre-competitive analysis and training programmes.

Regarding the activities under the projects, both sides have expressed a willingness to cooperate in order to provide 15 days of training for the staff of vocational training institutions (TVET), the contents of which will be elaborated in cooperation with economic actors. As well as to provide 15 days of training for employees working in the agri-food and waste management sectors, the contents of which will be elaborated jointly with TVET institutions.
In addition to cooperating to organize 15 creative workshops on digital storytelling, photography, and video making. These workshops aim to develop leadership, creativity, and critical thinking skills and focus on exploring different artistic modes and innovations.

The exchange of information foreseen within the Memorandum of Understandings will be useful in facing common problems and in ensuring that project activities are more effective than the results each can achieve individually.

More information about the agreements is available at this link.