The Municipality of Livorno, Italy reduced its energy consumption thanks to SOLE's ACT GREEN campaign


As previously announced on the SOLE project's website, the Municipality of Livorno was the very first Tuscan municipality, which is not formally part of the SOLE's partnership, who embarked on the ACT GREEN campaign's implementation. 

ACT GREEN is the SOLE project's campaign to reduce energy waste in the workplace. Anci Toscana, SOLE's lead partner, together with ARRR, are promoting the adoption of the campaign among all Tuscan municipalities to boost the project outcomes and promote the ENI CBC MED Programme.

As a result of two meetings with Anci Toscana and ARRR, the city of Livorno decided to implement the ACT GREEN campaign in one of the municipal buildings, Palazzina della Pescheria, at the beginning of 2023. 

5 employees working for various sectors within the Municipality of Livorno (namely the public works and territorial planning sector, the urbanization, infrastructure and mobility sector as well as the infrastructure and urban spaces sector) were selected to be part of the ACT GREEN campaign's Energy Team

A monitoring of the building's energy consumption was carried out before the implementation of the campaign: it was estimated that the building consumed 887 kWh per week. In particular, energy consumption at night and on non-working days was relevant.

The ACT GREEN campaign's implementation began: 10 ACT GREEN posters to launch the campaign and promote correct behaviors for the reduction of energy consumption were displayed in places where they could be easily seen and read by the building's users.

An 'energy tour' of the building was then carried out by ARRR in order to verify the current state of the lighting and heating of the three floors: the key energy strengths and weaknesses of the building were identified and tips on how to improve its energy performance were offered by ARRR, as highlighted in the campaign's report.

Immediately after the energy tour, 53 employees working in the building were trained on the correct behaviours to adopt in order to reduce energy consumption in the workplace. The staff was invited to fill in a questionnaire which was distributed by the Energy Team. 

Great attention was paid to switching off devices outside the staff working hours: this has been facilitated also through the installation of timers.

A final monitoring of the building's energy consumption was carried out after the implementation of the campaign: thanks to ACT GREEN, the weekly energy consumption went down to 562 kWh in 3 weeks, that is to say there was a reduction of -325 kWh. This is equivalent to a saving of 122 € on the weekly bill and to a weekly reduction of -211 kg of CO2 emissions.

If we reported the data on an annual basis, it would mean - 6.338 € and - 10.972 kg of CO2 emissions.

It is crucial to highlight this is just one among various Municipal buildings which could benefit from the extension of the implementation of the ACT GREEN campaign. Moreover it is interesting to notice that an important part of the energy savings was determined by the improved behaviours of the Palazzina della Pescheria's users

The ACT GREEN campaign surely represents one of the success stories of the SOLE project: we're proud to announce that it will soon be featured in an Energy Saving Guide of the Andalusian Regional Government which will be distributed in all public buildings.