SOLE invites you to join the ACT GREEN campaign to reduce energy waste


The SOLE project supports the environmental sustainability also by encouraging behavioural change in people with a wide-scale awareness campaign containing simple but very relevant measures for the reduction of energy waste.

As explained in a previous article, the Italian partner Agenzia Regionale Recupero Risorse (ARRR) developed a Capacity Building pack to be applied by SOLE partners and useful to launch the SOLE Campaign “Act Green” in their territories, but goes even further, sharing guidance and tools to anyone who wants to implement the campaign at their workplace and in their everyday private life.

This package (to be increased with some documents under preparation) includes:

  • Guidelines for externals (EN - IT - AR) => for a detailed description of every step to be follow for the Act Green campaign to be a success
  • N. 10 Posters Act Green (EN - IT - FR - AR - GR) => the main tools to realize the campaign
  • Poster to introduce the campaign (EN - IT) => to be attached at the entry of the workplace to draw attention to Act Green
  • You tube video (EN - EN (SUB ITA) - EN short- EN short (SUB ITA) -  AR) => a catchy video to involve as many people as possible in the campaign
  • N. 10 Squared images Act Green for Instagram (1080*1080) (ENITFRAR – GR)   =>  social media are a fundamental means of communication, it is important to act also through this channel to spread the campaign
  • Guidelines for social media dissemination (EN - IT) => some tips to make the campaign popular on social media

For further information please contact Susanna Ceccanti (ARRR -

Join the Act Green campaign!