MedTOWN will finance two Spanish pilot projects of social transformation in Seville and Huelva


In May 2022, MedTOWN project launched its first call of subgrants to support co-production initiatives in Spain, in the provinces of Seville and Huelva. The main purpose of the subgrants is to build local multilateral partnerships that improve the quality of social policies and the well being of local communities.

The total budget of the call was 55.000,00 euros and it was addressed to Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) entities and to civil society organizations in the sectors of SSE, youth employment, family and social care, health care, gender equality, education and training, technology divide, culture and climate change.  The call was open until the beginning of July 2022 and the resolution completed at the end of August 2022.

A total of 6 projects proposals of a total budget of 140.000,00 euros have been presented through the specific section of the online Community of Practice platform (, with the participation of 21 organizations from the SSE sector in collaboration with public entities and institutions. Two of them, led by the Coopetative of PRECOSOL and the Association of La Casa de Todos, who participated in the National Workshops “The Phoenix Journey: Transformative Pathways for Eco social Co-production”, were approved for funding. Both pilot projects intend to strengthen existing multi-lateral parternships between the SSE entities and the public sector to tackle economic and social exclusion.


The first project “Support for the local economy and the SSE, Youth Employment, Education and Training”, led by the cooperative 'PRECOSOL', aims at revitalizing the social entrepreneurship in one of the most disadvantaged districts of the city of Huelva through a plural economic educational module that will be developed in collaboration with the Andalusian Public Foundation of Business Development, public secondary schools and local SSE actors. 

The second project, "I can too" led by the Association 'La Casa de Todos', aims at combating the digital breach of people that are in a situation of social exclusion in the District of Cerro-Amate in Seville. The project will help migrants and elderly people to access public services and will provide tools and knowledge to volunteers and associations of the neighbourhood Poligono Sur for its replication.