MedTOWN in Tunisia will empower women’s cooperatives and women social entrepreneurs


MedTOWN in Tunisia prepares the 'Digital Lab' with several capacity building training courses, within the co-production methodology, for women who are in the action’s target group.

The demonstrative action in Tunisia, led by the Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship (TCSE), Tunisian partner of MedTOWN,  focuses on actions for empowerment of women’s cooperatives and women social entrepreneurs.

It aims to help women learn and be more aware of their economic and labour rights, be more competitive as social entrepreneurs and through their own cooperatives as well as become financially self-sufficient.

MedTOWN will lead the design and management of local private-public partnerships to provide social services of general interest to female entrepreneurs and workers that would provide them, on the individual and collective level, with the tools and skills that can ensure their financial independence and their involvement in the public sphere. It will also  increase the visibility of their products and services offline and online.


The activities will focus on enhancing the beneficiaries’ entrepreneurial skills, enabling them to have better access to markets as well as public spaces and enhancing their digital skills. 

TCSE will establish its activities through two axes: 
•    providing  entrepreneurial support to women and renovating a public actor’s space 
•    elaborating a study of female strength

In addition, through the Digital Lab, three two-day long training sessions will be provided for women of all educational and socioeconomic backgrounds based on their specific needs, like online marketing, graphic design, photo and video production, professional photo shoots for LinkedIn and CVs, among others. Each session will involve 15 participants. 

The aim through the digital lab activities is to enhance the skills of women who may otherwise not have these skills necessary for their professional development.