Med4Waste in Jordan hosts waste management training in Berain municipality schools


From September 6-7, 2023, Med4Waste organized an awareness-raising campaign on waste management in schools within the Berain municipality of Jordan, as part of Medcites capacity building programme.  

During the training session, 15 teachers were provided with essential knowledge and practical tools necessary to establish an environmental committee, tailor campaigns to suit different student age groups, and implement a waste source separation system in their respective schools. The training curriculum was designed following several field visits, allowing for direct engagement with the municipality, school principals, and the private waste collection company. 

The training encompassed a comprehensive range of topics, including: 

  1. Introduction to global and local environmental challenges, emphasizing the critical issues of waste management, recycling practices, and their significance in mitigating climate change. 

  1. Identification of development needs specific to the community. 

  1. Fostering community initiatives to drive positive change. 

  1. Cultivating advocacy skills, essential for influencing decision-making processes. 

  1. Strategies for effective community campaigns. 

  1. Nurturing the planning skills required for successful community campaigns. 

  1. A step-by-step guide to formulating actionable plans tailored to individual classrooms, considering the unique circumstances and capacities of both schools and teachers. 

Following the two-day training session, each school developed a comprehensive awareness campaign plan. Additionally, a shared awareness campaign plan was collectively created for all schools. The implementation of these plans commenced according to the school semester timeline and is currently in progress.