LIVINGAGRO, new field visit in Jordan highlights the importance of innovation and knowledge transfer in olive farms


In the framework of LIVINGAGRO's twenty field visits which are and will be performed in the four project countries (Greece, Italy, Jordan and Lebanon) until April 2023 with the aim of assessing the needs of agroforestry farmers and economic operators, transfer knowledge and exchange information concerning in particular their innovation needs, on last 29th of June a field visit was organized in Jordan by the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) seeing the inolvement of 15 participants including researchers, agriculture extension agents, farmers and forest association representatives.

The participants first visited the Taybeh organic farm in Wadi Rajeb/Ajloun where they learned about the use of permaculture principals and the organic farming system for growing fruit trees (olive, citrus, date palm and avocado) and vegetable crops. On the farm the agricultural production has been diversified with the introduction of native and non-native productive and non-productive trees and shrubs as well as by introducing swales and ponds, fire breaks and wind breaks.

On the same day a second visit was organized to an olive farm in Sakhra/Ajloun to investigate and learn more about the use of an innovative technique for supplemental irrigation of olive trees during summer months based on rain-water harvested during winter using the plastic barrels method (sub-soil irrigation). The participants of the visit had the chance to also have a deeper look into the mobile phone application supporting the farmer in the control of the time and the quantity of irrigation water as well as in the integrated pest management to control spreading of the olive fruit fly in the farm.