Lebanon: STAND Up! organizes a virtual showcasing and pitching webinar!


For the past two months, the STAND Up! fashion and textile entrepreneurs have been working to develop their green business models, finance and market strategies, and preparing to showcase their solutions. Berytech, the Lebanese partner from the project, has organised a virtual showcasing and pitching event to meet and support the 12 innovative ventures that went through intensive capacity building trainings.

Join for an online event where they will be virtually showcasing their solutions in the fashion, clothing, and textile sectors in front of an expert committee that will share valuable feedback and insights with the entrepreneurs. The committee will choose four projects to continue in the program’s 7 months incubation phase and receive one-on-one mentor support, technical support, and 6.000 euros to develop their businesses.   

Watch the pitches, vote for your favorite project, connect with the founders and become potential partners, investors, customers, mentors or volunteers. The webinar will be held next Tuesday, July 13, 2021 from 3.00pm until 5.00pm (Beirut time).

Check the agenda of the webinar here.

Click here to register for the event.

Discover The 12 Pitching Teams

tiachriS is an interactive virtual fashion house that aims to sell online ethically made fashionable items to implement social change through an immersive virtual experience.

LvPxAlSama is an upcycling and embroidery service that supports female artisans in Lebanon with regular and fair employment.

Goodkill is a fashion brand that aims to make an example and create a line of furniture, including cushions and sound isolation products from left-over raw textile materials in Lebanon.

Something New by Something Blue tackles waste of textiles after a single use in the bridal industry by extending the life cycle of worn.

La Boutique – Sociale is designing a solution to be able to shift from a traditional linear economy through keeping resources in use for as long as possible.

Klovr is a peer-to-peer marketplace for circular fashion where buying and selling sustainable clothes has been made easy and reliable.

Lebanese Klakeesh is a project that recycles textile gadgets transforming them into unique, handmade, customizable gift.

Naked is working to provide 100% natural organic hemp fabric, made from the fiber waste of hemp plants, to be manufactured into a breathable, healthy, and eco-conscious clothing brand.

Sisters for the World have created a fashionable design of washable, affordable, leak-proof underwear made out of healthy, naturally absorbent, and eco-friendly material.

The Survival Kit provides a multifunctional product in one garment, which eliminates the need to produce several products separately as they are all combined in one.

The concept behind Bi Aman was inspired by the increased medical waste resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and by the need to help offset hospital and medical care costs for those unable to afford it.

Lebamoz produces natural fibers and fabrics from banana pseudostems with a very low carbon footprint.