Interview with Prof. Sara El Gazzar on the Importance of TECHLOG and its Impact on the Logistics and Transportation Industry in Egypt


Interview with Professor Sara El Gazzar about the importance of TECHLOG project and its impact on the logistics and transportation industry, as well as its role in raising capacity building of stakeholders, students and graduates in this field in EGYPT.

Taking a deep dive on the importance of TECHLOG project, aims and potentiality in raising the capacity building of the Egyptian logistics and transport community while participating in an event that gathers a wide variety of companies in the fields of transportation, shipping, manufacturing, freight forwarding at Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) represented by College of International Transport and Logistics (CITL).

Prof. Sara El Gazzar – Dean of the College and the Economic Advisory for the Union of Arab Chambers will go through how to gain maximum benefits from the project and how important is the logistics and innovation knowledge transfer to the Egyptian logistics community.

Question 1: Could you please tell us why did CITL choose TECHLOG project to participate in the 4th Training and Business Exchange Forum?

This event is a very important event and that matches the project aims and activities. The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) presented by College of International Transport and Logistics (CITL) is considered the main educational institution in the region to transfer knowledge related to transportation and logistics management, not only in the area of educational programs but also in terms of consultancy service, capacity building and training programs in this field.

Question 2: Who are the participants of the event and why is TECHLOG important to them?

The College of International Transport and Logistics (CITL) arranges its annual training and business exchange forum with the participation of all stakeholders in the industry whether logistics, transportation, manufacturing companies and training centers with college graduates and senior students. Today’s students are tomorrow’s potential employees and workers in this specific field area, so it is very important to their knowledge to know more about the activities and main services and practices of international projects as TECHLOG. It is extremely important to highlight for all industry stakeholders, students and graduates the importance of capacity building and knowledge transfer. So, the capacity building through the project will be very helpful for those stakeholders.

Question 3: Could you please, tell us more about AASTMT presented by College of International Transport and Logistics (CITL) potentiality on TECHLOG project?

AASTMT presented by College of International Transport and Logistics (CITL) is always keen on informing and providing the awareness for all stakeholders in the field of logistics, transportation and trucking industry with the potentiality of training programs and simulation that they can acquire from TECHLOG project and from our college particularly the eligible areas according to the project criteria.


The TECHLOG project takes great pride in its team of knowledgeable, cross-disciplinary professionals from five different Mediterranean countries, all of whom are striving to develop linkages between academics and the (trans)port business, namely transport inside port areas, in the region. Stay tuned as we reveal the different options and fantastic initiatives that TECHLOG has in store to assist in the achievement of uniform quality standards for transport and port specialist workers in the Mediterranean.