INTERNISA trained over 1 200 women and plans next steps to support women labour integration through digital skills


The Chamber of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, Lebanese partner of INTERNISA, organized on 20 & 21 July 2022 two days meetings at Gefinor Rotana Hotel. Mr Rabih Sabra, Director General of Beirut Chamber opened the meeting and welcomed the project partners for the first in-person meeting in Beirut. He stressed the importance that the Chamber dedicates to women's empowerment through its implication in various international and EU projects focusing on women's skills to facilitate their access to the job market. Mrs Hana Nehme, Head of Development Projects introduced the agenda topics to be discussed over the two days meeting and presented a sum up of the results of the capacity-building program led by Beirut Chamber and implemented in partner countries which ended up with a total of 1267 trainees and 36 pieces of training, targeting digitalization of women, SMEs and the public sector. The lead beneficiary, the Region of Central Macedonia in Greece presented the project Key Performance Indicators across the various project activities, the guidelines for a job fair to be organized by partners, the testing of pilot projects and concluded with an introduction to the final activities relating to scaling up and networking.  Partners discussed the setup and functionality of the INTENRISA digital job matching platform where jobs and offers will be posted and displayed on each partner page to facilitate job access to digitally skilled and trained women. The deliberations tackled as well the ongoing activities pertaining to communication and public relations campaigns, info days, set up on career guidance spots by each partner as well as the action plans pertaining to the organization of job fairs.

The two days meetings were attended by representatives and experts from the lead beneficiary Region of Central Macedonia RCM along with the partners from ARIN Italy, CYA and FAMP Spain, AHH Greece, ABAU Jordan, SQLI Tunisia, AAP Palestine and CCIA-BML Lebanon. The first-day meeting was concluded by a dinner in Zaytouna Bay in honour of the participants.