INTERNISA in Lebanon provided training on digital skills for 36 SMEs in the agri-food sector


Within the series of capacity-building training conceived by INTERNISA project, the Lebanese partner, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon (CCIABML) organized a multi-modular training program over two weeks dedicated to Lebanese SMEs operating in the agri-food sector. 36 Lebanese SMEs took part in this online training program from Oct.25 till November 2nd, 2021. In light of the economic and financial crisis in Lebanon, the INTERNISA training program comes to boost the digitalization of many productive economic sectors, namely the agri-food through shedding light on the latest digital business models and tools in this sector as well as to upscale the Human Resource pool -women included -in the related SMEs.  

The topics tackled by training were mainly: communication and team building within a business environment; leadership, communication process in a digital environment; digital transformation, with a special focus on the role of digital tools for marketing and social media. The training hosted as well guest speakers and testimonials from the field who presented their best practices and success stories in the agri-food sector along with many animated teamwork practical activities. Trainees were awarded INTERNISA certificates signed by the CCIABML after completion of the program. This training will be followed by mid of November with the last workshops targeting Lebanese public sector executives to raise awareness about gender parity and women empowerment in public administrations.

New information for me: Digitization, digitalization and digital transformation: e-commerce, SEO and google Ads and what is needed for a website and their application in agro food, also refreshing knowledge: communication in workplace: barriers and tips for good communication, importance of emotional intelligence, decision making.  I enjoyed each part of it.


Introduced from scratch to website establishment, design, and maintenance ,etc.To all tools used in e-commerce. Digital transformation, its components and the role of transformational leadership in DT are all new interesting topics that were delivered really well in this training.  I have also learned in depth about barriers of communication and ways to overcome it at any work place; how to effectively communicate with other parties to reach our goals, a good leadership, and team work spirit…. Simply perfect


New experiences, new skills, managing my startup project, reaching out to farmers to source my product thus supporting them directly.  Importance of social media, website design and e-commerce to promote my business and increase my sales.  Thank you so much for this beneficial training