HELIOS launches a hackathon to transfer green skills to 147 young people in Gaza

Authors: Croce Monica Segretario, Valerio Li Puma

From 9 to 11 May 2022 the University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS), Project Partner of HELIOS in Palestine, organised a hackathon about Blue and Circular Economy topics.

The HELIOS hackathon aimed at elevating and enhancing the participants skills, giving them an opportunity to compete and exchange knowledge and ideas after receiving their training in the field of Blue and Circular Economy and the Soft Skills.

In fact, the hackathon is an innovative and a powerful way to generate value-driving ideas by bringing out the internal or external competitive spirit of the young people.

In particular during the event, participants were able to train for finding creative solutions to face challenges in the Blue and Circular Economy sectors and to learn and acquire new skills. In addition it was an opportunities to strength links between participants and creating opportunities for cooperation and partnership among them.

The event scheduled in 3 days and involved 147 unemployed young men and women that participated in HELIOS training course in October 2021.

The opening event was attended by Eng. Ahmed Kordia, Assistant Vice President for Planning and External Relations of UCAS and by Dr. Hisham Ghorab, Dean of Continuing Education and Professional Diploma. 

The first day included the implementation of trainings for 147 participants in entrepreneurship and building business and green skills oriented towards specific needs of the Blue and Circular Economy sectors in the Palestinian labour market. The activities of the first day of the hackathon came as a continuation of the training that was implemented in the beginning of last October, with 70 training hours in the fields of circular and blue economy and life skills for about 130 people from all governorates of the Gaza Strip.

On the second day, groups of participants have been involved in a series of orientation sessions in order to develop the necessary Soft Skills for getting a job and work in a efficient and effective way.

Finally, during the third day a contest was organised giving the participants the incentives to solve problems and co-create submissions for new products, services, and process improvements. Business ideas and project works submitted by young people have been judged and developed by a panel of experts, who selected the best ideas. This activity allowed young people to exchange important feedback with professionals with the goal of improving their business idea in Palestine.

Read the news on UCAS website here and enjoy the pics of the event by clicking here!

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