HELIOS launches an e-learning platform developed in Gaza to support training actions in the Mediterranean

Authors: Croce Monica Segretario, Valerio Li Puma

The University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS), Palestinian partner of HELIOS in Gaza, has developed an e-learning platform in order to support the training activities of the project.

In the pandemic context that is deepening the consequences of the inequalities, it is essential to ensure actions that aim to feed the social inclusion in the Mediterranean. 

According to the European Union some of these actions are connected to the use of digital and innovative tools such as e-learning platforms with the aim to:
•    connect educators and learners with each other when they are in separate locations
•    access information and environments not usually available in every home or institution
•    support continued professional development of educators in a flexible way

For this reason, HELIOS project looks at the development of its platform as an opportunity to strengthen social inclusion through a professionalization training.

All participants in the "Blue and Circular Economy, Entrepreneurship and Soft Skills" course will be able to register on the HELIOS E-learning platform and access the educational materials designed for them.

Thanks to the HELIOS platform, 1720 young people and unemployed women in the Mediterranean region will have access to educational tools for the development of green, digital and soft skills.

Within the platform, the participants will be able to view and consult all the contents of the course modules, case studies of SMEs operating in Circular and Blue economy sectors, videoclips and get in touch with their teachers.


In addition the platform is connected with the HELIOS channels, in order to allow students to stay informed about the next project activities and opportunities that could involve them in the future such as web seminars, thematic events, etc.

Click here and discover the HELIOS platform!

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