HELIOS held its Midterm event in Tunisia to foster social inclusion in the Mediterranean area

Authors: Croce Monica Segretario, Valerio Li Puma

Last March 2022, HELIOS project organised its Mid-term event to boost and coordinate the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and promote social inclusion actions.

The event, held in Hammamet (Tunisia) from 28 to 30 March, saw the participation of all project partners coming from Italy, Spain, Greece, Palestine, Tunisia and Jordan in addition to over 100 local and regional stakeholders.

The Midterm event aimed to raise awareness within the Mediterranean partner countries on the project and its achievements after two years of project implementation but also involve stakeholders and especially SMEs having a relevant role in the field of activities undertaken by the project in order to put them in contact with HELIOS training participants.

The event was also a moment of deep reflection and planning of the next actions that the project will undertake in the coming months in order to promote social inclusion and foster the green process. At the basis of this planning are the results obtained from the profiling and research operations carried out by the HELIOS Project. 

Al-Zar, head of the Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries, said during the event that the project mainly aims at the social integration of women and young people. Al-Zar believes that the Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries desperately needs these two groups, namely women and young people, to develop the agricultural sector and think about its future (read more).

Alessandro Pernice, project coordinator of HELIOS, also said that it is necessary to enhance, through international cooperation actions, the skills and competences of young people and women without a job, in the emerging sectors of the new labour market such as the circular economy and the blue economy that require new marketable skills. This is why the HELIOS project is developing training courses and mentoring and coaching programmes in order to promote the professional integration of unemployed young people and women into the labour market (watch the interview).

During the event, further opportunities for young people and women were planned, such as HELIOS cross-border traineeships tailored for training course participants. New initiatives will be spread on project channels.

In addition, this event hosted a capitalisation workshop in order to share experiences, expertise and know-how among organisations involved in running initiatives dealing with “Social Inclusion” “Blue Economy” and “Circular Economy” issues and bring participants on board in the implementation of the clusterisation activities to facilitate the creation of a green network with the aim of supporting the Social Inclusion in the Mediterranean Region.

The event was attended also by representatives of other projects facing similar challenges, such as the GREENLAND, MYSEA, and INTESA. It was an opportunity to foster synergy processes between the participants and share the HELIOS projects outputs and methodologies with the stakeholders.

Enjoy the MidTerm video clip! Click here!

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