HELIOS and BYTHOS projects together to strengthen a blue and sustainable growth in the Mediterranean area


The main HELIOS objective is to reduce the high rates of NEETs and unemployment women in the Mediterranean region, scheduling training courses in Blue and Circular Economy, two sectors of potential growth capable of absorbing new worker.

To reach this important goal is vital to establish synergies with other projects with similar goals, above all to increase and to capitalize the results achieved.

For this reason HELIOS has started a collaboration with BYTHOS project.

Let’s find out more about BYTHOS!

This project is funded by the European Union through Interreg V-A Italia-Malta 2014-2020 programme.

BYTHOS aims to use fish waste to increase investment in biotechnologies for human health and blue growth in the Mediterranean area.

The project has created a joint space where experts in biotechnologies, business and industry will meet local enterprise from Sicily and Malta. This space provides technologies, tools and expert skills for enterprise in order to foster investment in innovation.

Its Mission?

-Promote integration between research and the business sector so that results from research in the field of biotechnology for human health are taken forward to the market, thereby contributing to generating jobs and business opportunities, and increase investment in research and innovation in the economies of Sicily and Malta.

- Promote sustainable management of resources and ‘cleaner production’ in the fishing industry and food services sector in Sicily and Malta, thereby minimizing risks associated with waste for the environment.

In achieving these goals, BYTHOS has produced a number of products using waste (e.g. marine collagen, omega oils, bioactive ingredients, peptides, gelatine etc) from the fisheries sector.

In addition the project provides training and advice to enterprises through biotech lab training and the development of tailored business plans in order to encourage uptake of these new biotech products.

The synergy idea is to start a collaboration for the training courses of HELIOS and BYTHOS, in order to encourage the exchange of best practices and knowledge in the Blue Economy sector, between young people, women and professionals.

HELIOS and BYTHOS together for a bluer Mediterranean!

Unity is strength, #GOMED!


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