GREENLAND in Greece will launch online training in Green and Circular skills


The GREENLAND project aims to strengthen the skills of NEETs and unemployed women (of any age) in the pilot areas of the project for Greece (Central Macedonia and Thrace). Trainees will initially be instructed online in Employment Skills, Soft skills, and GaCE (Green and Circular Economy) skills, obtaining comprehensive vocational training that will improve their entry into work, employability, and professional status.

Environmental change has been one of the key drivers of labor demand and skills supply across all sectors for the past years. Through the GREENLAND project, the Greek participants will be trained in "green" skills that will help them to strengthen their potential and will be the cornerstone for finding a job and/or creating personal small projects in the innovative fields of Green and Circular Economy.

Green courses starting in 2023 will include:

1. Reduced Inputs Agriculture
2. Green business and entrepreneurship
3. Farming techniques through climate mitigation
4. Recycling and Waste management
5. Cultivation care of nurseries and orchards through Circular Economy.

Stay tuned for more information and registrations!

Together we can build a better and greener future!


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