DECOST: New scientific publication based on the composting pilot experience in Palestine

Tahseen Sayara

In Palestine, the implementation of the DECOST pilot trial to introduce composting as a priority system for urban organic waste management in the village of Anabta has allowed the local team to publish a new scientific article detailing some social aspects of the experience.

The first few months have been used by PTUK researchers to carry out a survey in which they have determined the public opinion regarding the acceptance of using home composters as an alternative approach for household organic waste management. The results showed that people in the target area are welcoming of the home composting idea, and about 99% of participants are interested in owning home composters at their properties, which is regarded as a good reference for implementing the proposed home composting scheme in this area.

The results also showed that people are interested in the new proposed scheme for organic household waste despite their minimal knowledge and understanding about the composting process’s importance and effects. Hence, the study found that it is important to spread awareness about the right procedures to apply home composting among participants, in line with environmental awareness campaigns through social media, and provide personalized follow-up with participants.

You can find the Scientific Publication in the AIMSS Environmental Science Journal.

Sayara, T., Hanoun, R., & Hamdan, Y. (2022). Survey on the factors and social perspectives to participate in home composting schemes in Palestine: Anabta case study. AIMS Environmental Science, 9(3), 216-227.