CRE@CTIVE will join the online event "Youth for a Greener Clothing and Fashion Industry"


Part of the 36 stops of the European Union's #TheGreenTrack campaign, which aims to raise awareness of young people involved in environmental activities ahead of the United Nations' Biodiversity Conference COP15, which will be held later this year in China. Join us at the online event "Youth for a Greener Clothing and Fashion Industry" as CRE@CTIVE participates.


Taking place on May 18th, 2022, from 15.00-17.30 CEST, the webinar will feature young fashion/clothing creators, designers, and entrepreneurs from the Mediterranean region who are putting circularity, sustainability, and resource efficiency at the heart of the value chain to reduce the industry's environmental impact and make circular business models success and an inspiration for others.



CRE@CTIVE's project partner, María del Mar Blanes, R&D engineer at AITEX (Research Textile Institute, Spain), will present The ECO-L@B by CRE@CTIVE project for eco-sustainable treatment of textiles and leather.


Join us as our partners discuss how businesses incorporate sustainability and resource efficiency into their value chains, their Green fashion journeys and efforts to reduce environmental impact.



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