CRE@CTIVE in Spain to foster creativity in traditional sectors (textile,leather) through its ECO-L@B


On November 15, CRE@CTIVE's lead beneficiary, AITEX, organized an online webinar on the opportunities offered by the CRE@CTIVE project for MSMEs of the traditional sectors.


The presentations and discussions underlined the critical role of creativity for the traditional sectors’ development and expansion in the Mediterranean area and the support CRE@CTIVE  is providing to MSMEs to innovate and develop a promising business model that stresses creativity and technology. AITEX announced the Call for Subgrants, which would allow 16 initiatives to receive subgrants for € 12,000 each. The 16 winners will also have access to technical assistance from the creative L@Bs that are to take place in the six partner countries. 


At ECO-L@B, AITEX's lab in Spain, subgrantees will be able to benefit from a variety of eco-sustainable technologies that focus on the treatment of textile substrates and leather.


Stay tuned as we have more events explaining each lab in each country where participants from all around the Mediterranean can attend and learn about the creative ways to grow their businesses.