Come visit the MedBEESinessHubs Honey Eco Routes


Among the many activities of the MedBEESinessHubs project was the development of the MedBEESinessHubs Honey Eco Routes.

After our bee entrepreneurs received the skills and financial means to develop and upgrade their enterprise, we then trained them how to make the most out of their business through the diversification of their operations, by turning their BEEsiness into a sustainable visiting point of interest too.

Through a series of workshops organised in each partner region, and capitalising on the experience gained through the development of the MedPearls slow-tourism destinations project funded by the ENI CBC Med programme, we assisted the MedBEESinessHubs beneficiaries in building their own sustainable destinations based on the theme of the Bee. An important aspect was to also support them in coming together with their local stakeholders, such as regional development agencies and local tourism boards, explaining the benefits from developing the Honey Eco Routes, for the local communities but also for the preservation of the environment.

The tangible result of these workshops was the creation of 15 true sustainable tourism destinations in the rural areas of Cyprus, Egypt, Italy, Lebanon and Palestine. The points of visit included in the MedBEESinessHubs Honey Eco Routes consist of honey producers, crafts-businesses utilising beeswax, propolis, pollen and other Bee-derivatives, museums, educational centres, nature trails, and children’s activities businesses, all inspired by the Bee.

All MedBEESinessHubs Honey Eco Routes are presented on the portal of the project

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