CLUSTER publishes the "Consolidated Technical Sector Report" analysing the state of art of its four sustainable economy sectors in the Mediterranean


The "Consolidated Technical Sector Report" is a document produced by the project partner ARCES Association (Italy) within the framework of the CLUSTER project. 

The Report has been drafted combining the contribution of partner organisations and other stakeholders coming from the seven project countries (Spain, Italy, Cyprus, France, Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia) with data, statistics and resources provided by local, national and international institutions such as public bodies, EU agencies, national institutes of statistics, international NGOs, foundations, etc.

The Report provides an overview at the Mediterranean level of the four project macro-sectors, namely Blue Economy, Green Economy, Circular Economy and Sustainable Agriculture, through qualitative and quantitative analyses.

After describing the state of art of each sustainable economy sector, its characteristics and peculiarities, each analysis focuses on the sector’s market needs, weaknesses and development opportunities in each project country. Although the Report is centred on the Mediterranean basin as a whole, for each macro-sector, the most important and significant sub-sectors and activities are described.

Furthermore, thanks to the needs assessment previously made by the project partners (through the "Market Needs Analysis Reports"), a specific description of the scenario characterising each of the seven countries is provided, with particular attention to the regions where the project activities will be implemented. The Market Needs Analysis Report of each project country can be found here:

Moreover, development opportunities especially in terms of economic value added, creation of new jobs and environmental preservation are described. Finally, for each sector the report analyses and assesses the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had at the socio-economic level.

Thanks to this study, project partners, institutions and other stakeholders involved will be able to increase their awareness about the opportunities offered by these emerging sectors and related professions, which are likely to drive the growth of the Mediterranean countries’ economies in the coming years.

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