The first newsletter of the social inclusion cluster is out: discover ENI CBC Med projects in action across the Mediterranean area


The idea of a community newsletter was born during a cluster meeting between all projects funded under Priority A.3 "Promotion of social inclusion and fight against poverty" of the ENI CBC Med Programme and the Joint Technical Secretariat.

Why a joint newsletter?

The basic value that all these projects have in common is to strengthen social inclusion and fight poverty in the Mediterranean countries.

What is more important than cooperation between projects to pursue this important mission?

This newsletter wants to summarize the most important goals achieved by the 6 projects dealing with social inclusion - HELIOS, InnovAgroWoMed, MedTOWNMoreThanAJobRESMYLE, TEC-MED - gathering the most relevant news of the last months.

The common goal is to multiply the opportunities of shared spaces, to bring together representatives and experts of these ENI CBC Med projects and to create a Euro-Med community of good practices on social inclusion in the Mediterranean Region, starting from information.

In the newsletter, you can read two news chosen by each project that has joined the initiative.

Other editions thanks to the commitment of all the projects will follow this first edition drafted by the HELIOS project staff!

United we are stronger!

Click here to read “The Cluster Newsletter”

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