ARTOLIO project presents digital transformation app for extra virgin olive oil producers in Corsica

Orr Mendelson, developer and management trainer.

Coastal roads, a "blue" horizon and farmers with great motivation: Cooperate, learn and grow together. This is the atmosphere that defines the first day of ARTOLIO in the islad of Corsica, France. 

Our ARTOLIO team, together with the area representatives, have been visiting and imparting knowledge to the beneficiary farmers of the project, in order to know first-hand their needs, but also to show them the management app that will allow them to optimize resources and connect with other producers within the Mediterranean basin.

During the conference, the participants were able to test the tool, transfer their feedback to the ARTOLIO team and learn about the initiatives the project is working on to help them improve quality as well as local and international marketing. Our head of the development area, Yifat Reuveni, stressed the high motivation of the farmers of the project and their unconditional commitment to improve the quality of EVOO. In other words: "to take that savoir-faire outside its borders and connect with the rest of the cultures of the Mediterranean basin".

In these sessions, we were also able to count with the presence of: Sophy Alfonsi (Oliu di Balchiria), Philip and July Farinelli (Domaine Saparale), Jehl & Mark (Les Oliviers de Giuseppe), Jean Baptist Moretti (MORETTI), Maurizi (Domaine Petraghje), Emily and Ivo Borel (Moulin Oltremonti), who showed us an alternative way of combating the olive fly: cover the entire tree with white organic powder (kaolin) until harvest. The result? An ocean of white trees, covering large areas.

If life in the countryside is difficult, the Corsican farmers showed us every day that there is no possible limit to what can be done from the bottom of the heart.

About ARTOLIO project
ARTOLIO (“Profitable and Sustainable artisanal olive oil industry in the Mediterranean”) aims to support small extra virgin olive oil producers in Israel, Palestine, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, and France.

The project is funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med Programme. It has a total budget of €2.9 million, with 90% of the funding provided by the European Union (€2.6 million).

The project was launched in October 2020 and is expected to be completed by February 2023.

For more information, please visit the project website:

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