ARTOLIO launches a new app that connects extra virgin olive oil producers from all over the Mediterranean


A first version of the application was tested by Israeli and Palestinian producers during a joint meeting on 23 August took place in the Galilee area of Israel, hosted by Beit-Hakerem Municipal Cluster.

At the meeting, attendees had the opportunity to learn about ARTOLIO's innovative digital application, which will allow farmers to learn from other farmers, become familiar with new technologies and innovations, manage their businesses, (finance and marketing) efficiently and join a larger community.

"I'm glad I came despite the difficulty and want to get to know everyone. Even if we have grown olives for decades, there is always something to learn more, and if we do not succeed in meeting, at least we will talk to each other through the app", said one of the Palestinian growers.

Through ARTOLIO App., ARTOLIO,'s farmers are building a new digital regional community of qualified local farmers, to create visibility, size advantage, and competent products for the public. 

We are also proud to symbolize the transition from traditional production to modern and digital management in a meeting between two farming communities which are so close and yet so far from each other: Palestinians and Israelis. 

The warm and pleased meeting, like other encounters that will come, is indicating to all of us that we are more similar to each other, and that together we can produce the next phase in local agriculture. We hope to actively pursue the next steps for this Middle East and Mediterranean community, so it can be successful in a digital and global olive oil market environment.

Thanks to the event, the farmers realized that not being connected, they might risk of being left behind.

About ARTOLIO project

ARTOLIO (“Profitable and Sustainable artisanal olive oil industry in the Mediterranean”) aims to support small extra virgin olive oil producers in Israel, Palestine, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, and France.

The project is funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med Programme. It has a total budget of €2.9 million, with 90% of the funding provided by the European Union (€2.6 million).

The project was launched in October 2021 and is expected to be completed completion date is February 2023.

For more information, please visit the project website:

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