INTECMED is presented as a promising technological project in the Mediterranean region


On May 6th 2021, the INTECMED project participated in the Blending Business Support Organisations (BSOs) & Incubators Support event. Due to the pandemic, the event had a hybrid attendance. There were 80 on-site participants at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport’s Smart Village headquarters in Egypt, and 147 online participants. More than 42 specialised bodies and business federations in both sides of the Mediterranean took part in the event, and nearly 230 participants from leaders of business incubators and specialised Euro-Mediterranean organisations with 46% are female. 

The purpose of the event was to present 4 projects that aim at establishing and developing business incubators and providing technical and financial support to entrepreneurs and emerging small and medium projects, in addition to supporting innovation and promoting business support organisations and developing services provided by them, especially for small and medium enterprises. These 4 projects are EBSOMED “Enhancing Business Support Organisations and Business Networks in the Southern Neighbourhood”, CRE@CTIVE “Innovation for bringing creativity to activate Traditional Sectors in MED area”: Bringing Innovation & Creativity to the traditional sector of Textile, Garments, Leather and Footwear, INVESTMED “InNoVativE Sustainable sTart-ups for the MEDiterranean”: Promoting new sustainable business opportunities for Youth, Women and making MSMEs more competitive, and INTECMED “Incubators for innovation and technological transfer in the Mediterranean”: Transfer and commercialisation of research results. These projects will continue for three years, with a total budget of about 20 million euros

As stated by the Lead Beneficiary the Chamber of Achaia, represented by Konstantinos Giotopoulos, INTECMED is a € 3.6M project co-financed by the EU and aims to develop an integrated Mediterranean ecosystem that facilitates technology transfer and commercialization of research results while strengthening linkages among research, industry, private sector, and citizens. The ultimate goal of the INTECMED project is the development of incubators for innovation and technological transfer in the Mediterranean region and the creation of the first cross-border network of innovation composed of research centres and universities, public entities, investors, and SMEs to commercialize research findings. Mentorship, skills development in business planning, the commercialisation of research results of at least 48 entrepreneurs and researchers will be fostered and at least 4 new spin-offs will be launched by the end of the project.

The vast majority of the participants were from Mediterranean countries, but the event also included participants from Germany and the United States, thanks to the online format that allows for greater inclusion and dissemination of the Mediterranean projects.  

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