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Incubators for innovation and technological transfer in the Mediterranean

About the project

Although participating regions of the INTECMED project are heterogeneous in terms of innovation, they do share a common challenge: overcome the obstacle of different actors working with innovation at local level to coordinate their actions and to find synergies. For this reason, INTECMED aims to develop an integrated innovation ecosystem at local level to support technological transfer and commercialization of research results. The project will use a methodology of building resilience into risk management (BRIM) to develop a shared vision of how to build start-ups overcoming inexperience and gap between academic knowledge and business development. This methodology will be implemented by creating regional alliances, facility points, mentorship programmes and innovation exhibitions, where investors and innovators have the opportunity exchange their ideas and business opportunities. Through mentorship, skills development in business planning, the commercialisation of research results of at least 48 entrepreneurs and researchers will be fostered and at least 4 new spin-offs will be launched.

Key information

Incubators for innovation and technological transfer in the Mediterranean
A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation
A.2.1 Technological transfer and commercialisation of research results
Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Egypt

Financial data

3.6 million
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3.3 million
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To develop an integrated Mediterranean ecosystem that facilitates technological transfer and commercialization of research results, while strengthening linkages among research, industry, private sector and citizens

What will be improved?

INTECMED project aims at facing common challenges of the areas involved in the project, all characterized by two phenomena: generalized economic slowdown and serious job deficit. In the mid-term, the project expects to set-up a stable decision-makers group to define an innovation strategy at local level able to coordinate all actions of different players. The pilot projects mentorship programmes will improve the competencies and capacities to commercialize research results of at least 48 entrepreneurs/researchers. In the long term, an imprvement in the innovation capacity of the involved regions, and in particular those of the southern shore of the Mediterranean, is expected.

Who will benefit?

  • 35 organisations belonging to science and research
  • SMEs
  • 25 public institutions, notably innovation support organisations
  • Representatives of civil society
  • Potential investors, such financial institutions and industry

Expected achievements

  • 48 mentorship programmes delivered
  • 12 new product/services developed by the selected start-ups
  • 4 spin-offs established as new enterprises
  • At least 12 new jobs created

Contribution to policy-making

INTECMED will seek to establish a cooperation framework, complementary to the existing national policies that can foster international collaboration at two levels: at institutional level with the collaboration of the Regional Innovation Facility Points through Memorandums of Understanding and at beneficiaries’ level through synergies. Such a complementary framework, in terms of policy, could be translated into incentives for international exchanges study trips among partner countries, joint exhibitions and promotional activities, under the auspices of national Ministries.

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