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Innovation for bringing creativity to activate Traditional Sectors in MED área.

About the project

Textile, footwear and leather are Mediterranean traditional sectors, with an annual estimated global turnover of more than €280 billion and 2.7 million employees working mainly in MSMEs which account for 90% of the industry. During the last decades, these sectors have been affected by the economic slowdown and a very strong competition from Asia. These Mediterranean traditional sectors are under threat if they do not quickly renew their business models. Unable to compete in price or volume, the main challenges for traditional sectors are related to product and process innovation, the establishment of new business models and the creation of business sustainable alliances to strengthen the value chains. To address these challenges, the CRE@CTIVE project will boost creativity as a key aspect for increasing economic opportunities of the MSMEs by creating links between the traditional sectors and the creative industries (crafts, design, culture, etc.). As a result, creative innovation will upgrade the products and will improve their positioning, making them more competitive in the global markets.

Key information

Innovation for bringing creativity to activate Traditional Sectors in MED área.
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.2 Euro-Mediterranean economic clusters
Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan

Financial data

3.2 million
Total budget
2.9 million
EU contribution
Project co-financing


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To foster value chains and business alliances among MSMEs in Mediterranean textile, footwear and leather sectors in order to encourage the creation of new products and business growth, by building bridges between these sectors and the creative industry

What will be improved?

CRE@CTIVE will strengthen transnational innovation networks, clusters and value chains. It will create new jobs, drive efficient resource use and accelerate the process of generating, diffusing and applying innovative ideas, concepts and business models. Tangible solutions for target groups will be provided, in particular for young people and women, but also for the society at large. Concretely, thanks to CRE@CTIVE, 16 new business alliances will be supported directly to establish  new market opportunities; and, at least 24 new direct long-term jobs will be created through direct participation in the project pilot start-ups, via sub-grants that will give the opportunity to set up new businesses based on innovative approaches.

Who will benefit?

  • MSMEs of the Mediterranean textile, footwear and leather sectors
  • 100 culturally and creatively engaged individuals (artists, designers, artisans, etc.)
  • Creative hubs
  • 50 local public authorities
  • 20 local communities which will be engaged in the innovation processes
  • Final consumers who will benefit from product innovation

Expected achievements

  • 48 companies participating in cross-border business events   
  • 6 business labs models that will favor new and innovative business ideas, models and services 
  • 16 new business solutions created
  • 1 governance model developed to strengthen the traditional sectors and provide innovative business support to enterprise and start-up to better compete on the markets
  • 6 cooperation exchange seminars for civil servants, public authorities and economic stakeholders 
  • 6 regional observatories constituted as an open, cooperative and dialogue initiative to improve and establish policies and programs for financing innovation 

Contribution to policy-making

The project will widely involve the public authorities and decision-makers in the activities to ensure a deep impact on policies. Besides, the participation of several relevant public authorities in the Partnership will ensure that the results and actions of CRE@CTIVE are compatible with the latest and upcoming policy development. After the project life, public authorities will be able to consider the links created by the project between the traditional sectors and the creative industries as a must-have criterion for their regional or national financial support schemes. CRE@CTIVE is a unique chance to put creativity at the heart of policymaking in three traditional economic sectors.


Project news

CRE@CTIVE partner in Spain organized international fashion event

On the 24th and 25th of March CRE@CTIVE partner Modacc organized '080 Barcelona Fashion Connect' with the participation of 150 international agents


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Project news

External consultant needed for CRE@CTIVE project in Palestine

Leaders International is looking for an external consultant/researcher to conduct a market study among other tasks. Deadline for submission is the 11th of March.


Project news

EU-funded CRE@CTIVE project to boost Mediterranean traditional sectors

CRE@CTIVE project aims at activating traditional Mediterranean sectors by boosting creativity as a key for increasing economic opportunities for MSMEs.