60 young men and women participated in YEP MED port logistics trainings in Beirut


The EU funded project YEP MED set its anchor in Port of Beirut community. The YEP MED five days training targeting Lebanese youth took place between 12 till 16 April 2021 in Beirut within the objective to shape Lebanese youth skills in port logistics arena and ensure a better employability and job opportunities in Lebanon.

Organised by Beirut Chamber, the YEP MED first technical and occupational training program introduced the 60 enrolled trainees to the Lebanese maritime sector and port of Beirut , custom services, supply chain management, freight forward, and shipping lines. The program encompassed as well trainees on site visit to the port of Beirut where they have been exposed to Beirut port facilities, operations and Beirut terminal Container operations as well.(Agenda)

Remarkably, 38% of the enrolled trainees are young women who expressed enthusiasm and eagerness to explore for the first time this sector and to enhance their blue skills so that they potentially integrate the port logistics labour market.

We are keen at the Chamber to engage not only the young men but also the Lebanese young women as added value workforce to the blue economy .
We stress particularly on the sustainability of this pioneering training program to inject the port logistic sector with skilled young manpower particularly in light of future revamping plans of Beirut port after the tragic blast.

The next YEP MED training courses in Beirut will take place consecutively on May 17, and June 14, 2021.The successful trainees would enroll consequently the apprenticeship programs in Lebanese logistic companies

YEP MED project “Youth Employment in the Ports of the Mediterranean" (2020-2023), is co-financed by the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) of the European Union and led by the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport (Spain), aims to develop port-logistics training and vocational (TVET) resources adapted to sector needs to strengthen youth employability for a Duration 30 months.